Fat loss


Fat loss

Earlier in this section we discussed some common sense guidelines on how to establish a rough calorie base. Use that information to kick start your diet and from there please do not be afraid to experiment and keep your diet alive by playing around with calories, macronutrient ratios and even meal timings. In many ways the best diet is the diet that you stick to consistently so I do not want you to over-think things here – it is not as complicated as you may think.

- Calories: Maintenance weight minus 500 kcal, or if unsure of maintenance calories, bodyweight in pounds x 15 as a guideline.
- Protein: 2g-4g/kg
- Fats and Carbohydrates: split 50/50 to make up the remaining calories.

Training days

Kept protein and fats prior to training. Setting a high protein intake of 2g/kg will allow for maximal protection of muscle mass, as well as optimizing protein synthesis while in a calorie deficit. Coconut oil is used in pre-training meal for training energy, as it contains a special type of fat called MCT which is very easily converted to energy by the body. Use Carbohydrates primarily with protein post workout to replenish lost glycogen (muscle carb stores), to help fuel your next workout.

Rest days

Primarily protein and fats for first three meals in the day to help with increasing insulin sensitivity throughout the day as well as allowing increased fat oxidation. The majority of carbohydrates are in the last meals of the day. While dieting and on a low carbohydrate intake, this strategy can be beneficial for sleep quality. In addition, carbohydrates at night will top up glycogen stores for the next day’s session, especially as very few carbohydrates will be consumed pre workout, as well as ensuring performance is kept high in the gym. The set-up can be adapted so that the first two meals are protein and fats followed by the carbohydrate meals, before ending with protein and fats. Choosing between the two can be individual to the person. People who find they sleep well consuming carbohydrates before can choose the former option, while those who don’t can change around