Muscle building


Muscle building

The very first thing we need to know when constructing your new muscle-building diet is how you have been eating previously. If you’ve been eating one meal a day then the initial changes we make are going to be wildly different than if you’ve already been eating five solid meals and downing two protein shakes every day. So the very first thing I want you to do is write down everything you’ve eaten for the last few days and use that as your starting point. We will get into the ‘what you do next’ in the rules that follow.

- Calories: As a rough guide, 15cal / lb is maintenance for most individuals. Hypertrophy will need more than maintenance to promote growth. Between 18-24cal/lb is a safe starting place (Ectomorph)
- Protein: 30%
• Males = 1.25g/lb (2.75g/kg)
• Females = 1g/lb (2.2g/kg)
- Fats: 20 to 30% - around 0.4g/lb
- Carbohydrates: 40% to make up the remaining calories.

Training day

Kept protein and fats prior to training. Coconut oil (or MCT oils) used in pre-training meal for training energy. Carbohydrates primarily utilised intra or post training and the two meals following to maximise post-workout anabolic window.

Rest days

duirng rest days acyvitiy leveks will be significntly lower due to not training. therefore i would like you to reduce your daily carb and fat intake by 25%. Primarily protein and fats for first three meals in the day to help with increasing insulin sensitivity throughout the day as well as allowing increased fat oxidation. The majority of carbohydrates are in the last three meals of the day. This strategy may also help with improved drive in the earlier parts of the day. In addition, carbohydrates at night will ensure glycogen stores are full for the next day’s session, especially as no carbohydrates will be consumed pre workout. The set-up can be adapted so that the first two meals are protein and fats followed by the three carbohydrate meals, before ending with protein and fats. Choosing between the two can be individual to the person.
People who find they sleep well off carbohydrates can choose the former option, while those who don’t can change around.